Bill S-209 and Amateur Martial Arts Contests Update

I recently discussed Senate Bill 209 and the fact that it will potentially criminalize amateur mixed martial arts contests on a Province by Province basis.  The reason being that the Criminal Code currently allows amateur contests so long as “the contestants wear boxing gloves of not less than one hundred and forty grams each in mass” but the proposed change will require Provinces to specifically designate allowed amateur contests otherwise risk these becoming criminal ‘prize fights’.

I have brought this concern to the Provincial Government, specifically to BC’s Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.   The Government is now apparently looking into this concern and crafting a solution.  I first brought this to the Minister’s attention via private e-mail.  I followed up publicly via twitter.  Here is our public twitter exchange:








I am advised, in a series of DM’s from a knowledgeable source that the Government is in fact addressing this concern and that details will be provided to me shortly.  I will post a further update once this is done.

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